Could the Buddhas Analysis of questions be ordered purposefully?

  1. Categorical (likeness, identity)
  2. Analytical (difference)
  3. The battlefield of questions, where one is countered by another until we either know what we mean, and fall into type 1 or 2 questions, or throw up our hands, unknowing, into type 4
  4. The Great Questions that can only serve to fill us with wonder. Is there something in wonder that can heal? Something that we need?

And which questions are we looking for? Categorical answers are still ideas to be released. And the Great Questions, inasmuch as they are framed by words at all, are to be released as well, but inasmuch as they are not framed, they are closer to the Original Ignorance that we are to mystically Know, or at least be aware of. Dispassionately. Not to be taken in. To know how to channel the energy of wonder so that it goes where it should.