I think the word “science” has become too general and ambitious a word. If people look at an octopus, they say they are “doing science”… and maybe they are right, but I prefer that the union of such disparate thinking that is now under the term science would instead occupy a nebulous and all-connecting field of rhetoric. I believe rhetoric is what connects mathematics to poetry and everything between.

Poetry is an exploration of ideas-as-sensation and the texture of language. In that sense it is a science, not a science of the mind, but a science of the contact of the mind with mind-objects like ideas. In this sense poetry is quite a vast realm of doors to new knowledge. It replaces much of what we consider science, and It is limited only by a consideration of what is direct sensation with the other 5 sense-doors. If the mind intervenes with our other sensations, such as in an expanded uncertainty principle, we return to the realm of poetry.

I cannot emphasize well the shift I am describing, where body-contact (such as sex) is sensed with the body, not the brain or the mind. The body and all its organs don’t have their center in the brain. The sources of knowledge are decentralized when mind-objects are distinct from body-objects and tongue-objects. I am describing a return to the whole human organism, where sex-as-knowledge, eye-contact-as-knowledge, etc is not centered in an ethereal observer that has never been found even in the brain. Transcendence can come later, after we have returned and recognized the objects of mind (as distinct from the mind) distinct from other direct sources of knowledge.

With this return, thoughts, which are just another kind sensuality, can be brought down from its heights, and real transcendence of all 6 sense-doors can be pursued.