The horizon is not a straight line, it is a circle that is too big. Everyone has a perspective, none of these perspectives are circumspect enough to see the big circle between heaven and earth, without losing the individuality of an artist. The artist is a fool for art, the accountant is a fool for counting and shuffling imaginary numbers, and procrastinating with their pretense of work on any worthwhile application of mind. The priest is a fool for Jesus. The spiritual seeker is a fool for salvation.

The theory that there is no theory is not a theory. Theories are supposed to be worked into a semblance of consistency, but this "non-theory" is only disproven if you need to hear a theory, or expect one. The reason for a theory well-worked into hiding its falsehood is to make the creator feel as though he has created something to clutch to his chest, like a book to hold up and shield his heart. The books do not belong to anyone. They are all derivative of great minds that wrote no books.

Axioms are a popular rhetoric, just because they are not true, does not mean there is nothing. The Buddha had no philosophy, no theory, no book. He spoke to a student, or many students, and said what they needed to hear, because only the ignorant need to hear anything, need to know anything, need to think about anything, or say anything. The Buddha taught out of compassion, he spoke because it was a way of conveying something better than words. We may write zeros around all the things we think have a soul. There they are, not nothing, but not like a Being that the west sold its soul to grasp. There are no proper names. The heights of all the books are no higher than the creepers on the forest floor.

I wish I knew how to help you. Guilt is not something I feel at all. I feel fear at the consequences of my words, I feel anxiety about facing judgement. I feel shame when I speak too loud or too often, or remember the moments in my life where I should have done better. (all my moments)

Criticism leads to nothing, yet it helps people who ingest modern information. It is a reaction I have for people who need to hear something.

Salvation is just another spoke on the wheel of fortune. I work from my heart, to say the things people need to hear. That work is certainly damning, but Hell is only another spoke on this wheel. Condemn me, I am already condemned. When the great spiral of time curves up again, you will find me again as an angel. You cannot get rid of me, only I can do that. I am trying, and the world will be better when I am gone.